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Sign Up! for the Great Falls Hunt

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Great Falls Hunt, a Green Fire initiative to responsibly and respectfully control the deer population throughout Great Falls, Virginia. 

Green Fire’s archers do not charge landowners for the hunt services they provide nor does Green Fire charge for our services coordinating archers and landowners.  Green Fire is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.  Your donations are deductible if you itemize.  Green Fire will provide documentation of donations for tax purposes.

Please see the many elements of deer management addressed throughout our web site.  If you have questions that are not addressed here, contact Green Fire at 703/757-0314 or 

If you are a skilled, respectful archer and would like to hunt with us, or if you wish to learn to be an urban archer, review Green Fire's standards for archers and fill in your contact information here:

  Phone number

  Email address  


Submitting your contact information below does not commit you to allow hunting on your property nor does it commit Green Fire to assign archers to hunt your property.  You are only agreeing to discuss options with a Green Fire representative. 

  Street Address

  Phone Number


Green Fire will contact you to schedule an interview and site evaluation.  We will discuss whether you wish to allow hunting or only give Green Fire advanced permission to track and retrieve deer we hunt on other properties.  If you decide to allow hunting and your property is suitable, we will discuss your conditions for allowing us to hunt such as
- tree stand locations
- trimming vegetation to allow clean shots
- parking locations
- sharing venison
- field dressing deer on site
- notifying you before hunting
- allowing Sunday hunting
- allowing non-Green Fire hunters to hunt

See criteria we use to approve properties for hunting.