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Participate in Green Fire

Green Fire provides landowners with resources and information to participate in landscape scale efforts to manage deer populations and improve wildlife habitat.  

At this point in Green Fire's development, the only page in this part of GreenFireWeb is Sign Up!  where you can outline the deer damages you are concerned about and indicate how you would like to be involved in Green Fire.  You will need to register first.  You can only fill out Sign Up! once.  If you have trouble completing the form or accidentally submitted it before completing all parts that you intended to complete, email us at  

Additional pages planned for this part of Green Fire Web will allow you to communicate with Green Fire and other landowners, receive notices about events, and volunteer.  The pages will include:
  • Announcements
  • Forum for sharing information and ideas with Green Fire participants
  • Calendar of Events
  • Register for Events
  • Contact Us
  • Donations
  • Register and Volunteer (to replace the Sign Up! form) and
    Log of Hours for active volunteers