One of the foundational principles of Green Fire is that landowners are the ones who will benefit most from deer control and, because they control access to hunt, are primarily responsible for ensuring that deer are controlled.  This part of GreenFireWeb addresses landowner roles in making deer control work. See also how landowners might participate in the several stages of a hunt in Hunt Roles: Archer and Landowner.

Note that Virginia code,
Title 29.1 - 509 defines "landowner" to mean "the legal title holder, any easement holder, lessee, occupant or any other person in control of land or premises, including railroad rights-of-way."  One doesn't need to hold title to property to fulfill the responsibilities of landowners discussed here. 

Planned additions to this part of GreenFireWeb are:
  • a form that will automate documentation of agreements granting archer access to hunt or track and retrieve
  • a GIS-populated page illustrating cooperating (hunt and track and retrieve) properties in any neighborhood (access will be limited to Green Fire directors, community leaders, and archer organizations that hold access agreements within an area being viewed)