Welcome to Green Fire!

How many times have you asked: 

"Why doesn't somebody do something about all these deer (insert one or more) • making driving hazardous
• eating up my garden/landscape plants
• eliminating the understory of forests in my parks or on my property
• contributing to the increasing risk of catching Lyme disease?"

Well, Green Fire knows who it is that has to "do something" - you, your neighbors, and Green Fire.  As explained in Who is responsible?, County and State agencies are doing pretty much all they can.  But its still not enough - private landowners (that includes renters) must participate.  Residential, commercial, and industrial landowners must participate.  You may do as much or as little as you want - but DO SOMETHING!
Green Fire has outlined the programs needed for comprehensive, long-term management of over-abundant deer.  But we need you to grant access to hunt on your property, volunteer your time, and/or donate money to implement the programs.  So, get started:
1. Read Ways to participate
2. Browse through the remainder of GreenFireWeb to answer your questions about deer and deer management.
3. Register at Sign Up! to take a survey about your issues with deer and to tell us how you wish to participate.
4. Send your tax-deductible check to fund Green Fire's programs to
Green Fire
P.O. Box 193
Great Falls VA 22066 

Green Fire is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable organization so that your donations are tax deductible.  

You may have questions about Green Fire's plans and methods.  We have tried to anticipate your questions in the web pages that are completed so far (these pages are all publicly available without registering). But, if you have questions that are not answered in these web pages, email us at

Thank you and welcome to Green Fire!

Jerry Peters
Founding Director