An essential component of Green Fire's approach to the serious business of controlling deer is managing the effort by the damages that deer cause, not by deer density, hunter satisfaction surveys, hunting license receipts, or the most strident voice at a meeting.  

We do not expect there will ever be enough public funds (a.k.a. tax receipts) for local or state agencies to develop the monitoring data we need to manage deer in this manner.  So Green Fire plans to "crowd source" the collection of monitoring data.  That is, we want landowners, students, volunteer organizations, that is, YOU to collect and report the needed observations.  Internet and Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies have only recently made such a proposition feasible.  

Defining the monitoring methods and developing the information systems to achieve this plan will be a substantial portion of Green Fire's start up costs and effort.  The methods must be clear and understandable, and it will be our challenge to develop instructions that everyone can implement.  You can help.  The information system will incorporate the latest developments in cloud computing, mobile apps, and GIS servers.  If you know what that's about, you can help.

At this time, the only page in this part of GreenFireWeb briefly describes the types of monitoring data we plan.  If you have technical expertise to help develop these methods or time to help us test them, please
register and complete the Sign Up! form to volunteer for one or more types of monitoring.